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2020 News

  • Sun 19/07/2020

    Council Complete of State convened for 7 November 2020

    The Lieutenant ad interim, Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas, has announced that the Council Complete of State will convene on 7 November 2020 to elect the Grand Master or the Lieutenant of the Grand Master. The election will take place in the Magistral Villa in Rome. The convening of the Council […]

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  • Wed 24/06/2020

    Order of Malta celebrates the feast of St. John the Baptist

    The tradition to celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist in the church of St. Mary on the Aventine – inside the Magistral Villa complex in Rome – has been respected. On the morning of 24 June, the Lieutenant ad-interim, Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas, attended the mass celebrated by […]

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  • Mon 20/04/2020

    Blessed Gerard Residence for Single Mother Migrants

      The Maltese Association’s peripheral organisation, the Maltese Cross Corps, have commenced redecoration works intended to convert their premises at Gwardamangia into a shelter for single mother migrants.   On the suggestion of the Hospitaller, who represents the Maltese Association on the Maltese Cross Corps’ Executive Committee, when completed the premises will most appropriately be […]

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  • Sat 18/04/2020

    Distribution of foodstuffs to families in need

    Members and volunteers of the Maltese Association of the Order of Malta are distributing foodstuffs and other essential items to families that are badly effected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Maltese Association is purchasing essential items at a special reduced price from supermarkets and distributing them free of charge to various families and institutions in […]

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  • Tue 14/04/2020

    Supplies donated to the Hal Far Open Centre for migrants.

    The Maltese Association responded to a call made by the Agency for Welfare of Asylum Seekers (AWAS) for certain supplies to be provided to the Hal Far Hanger Open Centre for migrants. The Association’s  executive secretary, Ms. Lara Grima, took care to very promptly source the required supplies of antibacterial soaps and wipes, which were […]

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  • Thu 09/04/2020

    The Easter message of the Order of Malta’s Grand Master

    Dear Confreres, Consœurs, employees, volunteers and supporters of the Order of Malta throughout the world, Never before have I felt so strongly the desire and the need to make you feel my closeness: it is true that we are far away. But we are not alone. We are united in our mission of faith in […]

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  • Thu 19/03/2020

    Grand Master Order of Malta: “Malades and their families in my prayers”

    Dear confreres and consoeurs, dear professionals, volunteers and supporters of the Order of Malta around the world, In this unprecedented moment that is uniting over 150 nations worldwide in facing the same grave challenges, my most profound gratitude goes to the Order of Malta’s Associations, volunteers and relief corps who have been contributing in supporting […]

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  • Fri 28/02/2020

    Ash Wednesday Mass

    Various Members and volunteers of the Maltese Association of the Order of Malta led by Vice President Major Ray Miller responded to the traditional invitation extended to them by Archpriest Canon Karm Busuttil and the Collegiate Chapter of St. Lawrence Collegiate Church in Birgu to join in the liturgical celebration of Ash Wednesday, marking the […]

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  • Wed 19/02/2020

    The International Day of the Sick – 11th February 2020

      Once again a group of Our Lords the Sick, who have over the years participated in the International Pilgrimage of The Order of Malta to Lourdes, were invited to join the President, Members and volunteers of the Maltese Association, to a Holy Mass held at The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Graces in Zabbar.    […]

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