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Translation of the Relic of St. John the Baptist in Xewkija Parish

June 24 2023 

The Translation of the Relic of St. John the Baptist at the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist in Xewkija took place on Saturday 24th June 2023.

The Parish of Xewkija is the spiritual seat of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Gozo, and the Maltese Association is customarily invited to attend this liturgical manifestation.

Members, under the leadership of the Association’s Hospitaller Dr. Kevin F. Dingli, congregated in the Sacristy for robing at 6.30 p.m. A procession then took place from the Oratory to the Parish Church at 7.00 p.m., followed by Pontificial High Mass celebrated in the magnificently ornated Parish Church.

Mgr Michael Xuereb lead the procession and was the main celebrant at the liturgical function, assisted by Archpriest Mgr Daniel Xerri and the Rev. Fr. John Meilak.

The Rev. Dr. Marcello Ghirlando OFM delivered a thought provoking homily on St. John the Baptist, Patron Saint of the Order, focussing on various aspects of the “desert” theme, formation, witness and tribulation all having in common the Word of God; and how the Saint in his martyrdom was also the precursor of Christ’s own crucifixion.


The High Mass was attended by the Mayor of Xewkija, Mr Hubert Saliba as well as by other members of the Xewkija Local council.

A significant number of migrants from all parts of the globe were also present, bearing the national flags of the various countries which they represented.

After Mass, Archpriest Mgr. Daniel Xerri invited all special guests who participated in the proceedings to the viewing in the Oratory of film documenting the construction of the new “Rotunda” Parish Church which commenced in the 1950s, followed by a reception in the Sacristy where copies of the special publication Gourgion and a framed memento of St. John the Baptist were also distributed.



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