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Children’s Christmas 3D matinee movie ‘Moana’ – A Walt Disney musical fantasy adventure film

December 10 2016 

The Maltese Association of the Order of Malta once again organised a Christmas children’s film show, this year at the Eden Century Cinema in Paceville, for 150 children coming from various child care centres and homes around the island.
The kids started arriving at the cinema in the early afternoon, as always so enthusiastic and looking forward to having a greaet time! They lined up up with their carers to collect their tubs of popcorn and coca cola drinks, and were then escorted into the cinema to settled down into their seats, all keenly waiting for the start of the film. The theme behind this daring comedy fiction is a story of courage and perseverance, where a strong-willed Moana, with the help of demi-god Maui , traverses the open ocean to fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest to save the Polynesian tribe and their island. The film captured the attention of all throughout, keeping the children and volunteers eyes glued to the screen till the very end!  

It was so rewarding for the Maltese Association and the children’s dedicated carers to see the warm smiles and cheerful laughter of the children as they left the cinema to board their coaches to go home.  



'Casa Lanfreducci’ - 2, Pjazza Jean de Valette, Valletta VLT 1104, Malta